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February 17, 2024

Mandeville Lakefront

12PM - 5PM (Parade at Noon)
(Rain Date: COMING SOON)

Gatsby Gala - 2024 DATE COMING SOON

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2023: All Hail our Grand Marshal, Julianna!


Known by her krewe as Juju, Julianna is four years old. Like most little girls her age, she loves rainbows, unicorns, ice cream, costumes, music & dancing, and of course, her puppy Laeh. 


Grand Marshal Julianna is strong-willed and extremely independent with a bit of humor and a whole lot of sass!


Unlike most other kids her age, Julianna is fighting a unique battle. After six months in remission, she has been diagnosed for a second time with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer found in nerve cells. 


During her first treatment she got the special surprise of a new puppy! Laeh, pronounced like Princess Leia, is a cocker spaniel/miniature poodle mix. She was given the name Laeh which is the word “heal” spelled backwards. Their family is fighting for healing every day for their little girl whose normal life has disappeared so quickly.


Although Julianna’s journey through life looks different than most, she lives her life to the absolute fullest everyday reminding her parents and all those who are blessed to know her how important the little moments truly are. 

King du Pooch Finnigan 2023 “King Fin” is a much-beloved 16-year old Terrier-Mix, community activist  & resident of Old Mandeville. King Fin is a graduate of the Northshore Humane Society No-Kill Shelter on Harrison Avenue, Class of 2007.  King Fin, a true “Rags to Riches Rescue” was discovered in a local PetSmart store looking for a forever home when his eyes locked at the sight of his 2-new masters, The Scotts’.


In his free time, King Fin likes running the streets of Mandeville with his Royal Court Jesters: “River Monster”, “Miss Izzy” and his baby brother “Reggie Ford”.


King Fin is sponsored by the Discon Law Firm & The Scotts’ (Scott Williams & Scott Discon). King Fin would like to thank the Northshore Humane Society and the Krewe du Pooch organizers for this majestic honor to reign as King Fin du Pooch 2023 and accepts this honor on behalf of all Dog-kind.  Hail King Fin! Hail King Fin!! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Queen Bugs (aka Buggles) is a 9-year-old Boston Terrier who is a rescue. She was adopted in 2016 from the NorthShore Humane Society and has enjoyed the royal treatment ever since. She insists on being the center of attention and tends to be a “little” dramatic. Her daily routine consists of lounging in her bed all day, then playing with her sisters and getting constant pets in the evening. If you are ever looking for her, she can be found sun bathing inside or outside (if the weather is above 65 degrees, anything lower is too cold). She enjoys being under the covers at night and watching true crime documentaries. She takes these documentaries very seriously since she and her sisters perform nightly patrols through the house and alert her kingdom if a leaf moves, a moth has gas, or the deadly wind blows. She is typically quiet, but when she barks she channels her inner big dog and sounds like she is 100 pounds. However, if anyone ever broke in, she would probably show them where everything is as long as they paid attention to her because they are obviously there to pay homage to her. If the burglars gave her a treat, she would probably help them load everything into their vehicle.


You can always tell if Bugs is displeased because she will sit facing the wall, but will constantly check behind her to ensure that you have noticed that she is upset. Bugs has a bad habit of sneaking out of the backyard and crashing the neighbors’ parties. Even if this means going through the neighbors’ house or garage and into their backyard. Especially if there are kids having fun since kids are her favorite. When Bugs is content, she will sit with her head up and eyes closed. If she is excited, she vibrates.


Queen Bugs’ loyal subjects at home are her dog sisters Sadie (3-year-old Pittie mix), Sophie (10-year-old Westie), Sasha (15-year-old chiweenie), and her cat sisters Pan (4-year-old Tortie), and Phoenix (11-year-old tabby). She is very social and would love visits at the Resurge Veterinary Surgical Specialists booth from anyone who wants to be loved.

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Krewe Du Pooch 2023

Krewe Du Pooch, now in its fourth year, was founded by the Old Mandeville Business Association and the City of Mandeville as a way to support local businesses and animal rescue organizations. Our 2023 walking parade and costume contest, presented by OnPath Federal Credit Union, will take place on the Mandeville Lakefront on Saturday, February 25th beginning at 12PM.


This year's theme is "Great Gatsby by Krewe du Pooch!" Dog owners can now register below to participate in the parade and costume contest! The event will also feature a free live concert, pet adoptions, vendors, food, drinks and fun activities for the whole family. 


Please support our local rescue organizations by registering to participate in our parade, or by visiting them on site at the event! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for event updates and additional information!

meet the staff
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This year's costume contest will take place during the parade; all participants will be judged from a viewing stand along the parade route. Be creative, and dress according to the theme, "The Great Gatsby by Krewe Du Pooch!"  Handlers can get dressed up in theme too!



Join Krewe Du Pooch as we parade down the Mandeville Lakefront beginning at 12PM! Please note that this is a walking parade. There is a $35 online registration fee per dog, and each registered dog is allowed up to 5 human escorts. On-site registration will also be available.



We are currently accepting sponsors for this amazing event! If you are looking for a way to promote your business and connect with local pet owners, all while helping animals in need, this is your chance. Check out our available sponsorship opportunities!



Thanks for submitting!

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